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TRANSITION….do you welcome all and every new transition in your life?

We are all aware when an unexpected or traumatic transition happens, such as the beginning or ending of a relationship, starting a new job, facing a health challenge, coping with the death of a loved one; or the milestone transitions of a marriage or birth. But what about the common, everyday transitions? Do you take these ones for granted?

‘Transition is the process or a period of time of changing from one state or condition to another.’

Transitions happen moment by moment, every hour, daily, weekly, monthly, and year to year. For instance, do you watch the transition of your breath – the in breath to the out breath to the in breath….? Are you really aware of the passage of your day – dawn heralding the new day, dusk leading us to the darkness of night and another day lived? Are you in tune with the seasons, watching and feeling the transition of each new cycle? The transitions throughout your life….the aging process (oh yeah, we see and feel that happening!) but also the wisdom we’ve gained along the way, do you acknowledge that? And let’s not forget our yoga practice….transitioning from asana to asana, breath by breath. The beautiful moments, in between.

Thinking about this subject reminds me that we are about to experience another transition in the next few days – the Spring Equinox. Here in New Zealand on Sunday 23rd is when we’ll have equal hours of light and dark. It is a powerful day, being the half way point between the solstices and when we awaken from the hibernation of winter. The days are beginning to lengthen, nights are shortening, and there is a shift in the flow and direction of energy. While we associate Spring beginning with the calendar date of the 1st of the month, I am more aware of it being said that the first day of Spring is celebrated at the Spring Equinox.

As the sun’s energy is awakened all of nature is stirring, buds are bursting, seeds germinate and flowers are blooming. And we begin to feel a shift as we reconnect with the Earth again; we are empowered again.

Spring has long been celebrated as a time of change, a time of clearing out, a time to set intentions for the months to come. This is a great time to detox the body and mind, clear old habits that no longer serve us and create opportunities for the positive changes we want to see in our lives.

With the energy we receive from the warming sun’s ray, our prana, or life force is increased, imbuing us with the power to manifest our deepest desires from deep within our heart.

The transition from winter to spring is the time to let go, to cleanse and embrace the new. To nourish ourselves, on all levels.

On our mat we want to move our energy, heat our bodies and release any stagnation that may have built up over winter. Slow sun salutations, moving with the breath, awakens us again after a winter slow down. Twists, either seated or standing, are ideal for stimulating a sluggish digestive system, while hip stretches stimulate the flow of energy in the liver and gallbladder meridians, which are associated with the spring season.

Celebrate the changing season.

Be awake to your next transition…. your next new beginning.

Happy Spring Equinox!

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