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Yang/Vinyasa Yoga

Flowing, dynamic poses to create strength and stability in our body.


During this practice we focus on contracting and relaxing our muscles. Blood flow is stimulated. Muscle tissue becomes more elastic. Flexibility is improved with repetitive and rhythmic stretching. When muscles are worked, our bones become stronger and thicker – aiding in the prevention of osteoporosis.

Focusing on our breath while we're on the mat invites an awareness to what is happening in our body - what we're feeling, where there is restriction, where there is ease. Every time we come to our mat we are curious - how our practice will unfold today?

Gratitude to my teachers Linda Power, Lousia Sear, Lucy Roberts, Rose Baudin.


Yin Yoga

Slow, steady, long held poses to create ease in our body.


Yin yoga involves less muscular engagement than our more dynamic practice, providing a wonderful balance.  Targeting yin tissues increases our range of motion and mobility. Poses are held for some time.  There is no rush.  Again our breath becomes our focus. Calm breath, stillness in our body.  Practicing yin yoga has the power to heal and balance our body by pulling and pressurising our connective tissues.

Yin Yoga, Great Barrier Island, Julie Stansfield, Ebb and Flow Yoga

Yin yoga awakens our contemplative nature.  We become aware of thoughts coming and going, emotions bubbling up. Without judgement, we accept, we let go.  Change and impermanence is experienced on our mat.


​​​Gratitude to my teachers Sarah Powers and Jo Phee.


Restorative Yoga


Long held, supported poses to create ease in our mind.


Slowing down can be challenging. Racing around, taking care of everyone else,  never having enough time to nurture ourselves. Restorative yoga encourages us to drop our ‘to do list’.

Restorative Yoga, Great Barrier Island, Julie Stansfield, Ebb and Flow Yoga

The beauty of this practice is, we do nothing! We use the breath to draw our focus inward, to calm our nervous system, to relax, to rejuvenate. This practice is gentle, but powerful… releasing deep layers of tension. We are supported by our props. We create a sense of ease within our hearts and minds, allowing our body to unwind and surrender.


Inner peace and happiness….it is within.

Gratitude to my teachers Ana Davis, Star Despres, Tracy Whitton.

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