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 Are you wondering what it's like to practice with me?
Here's what some of my students are saying.

"I joined Julie’s yoga classes for two reasons : to get back into a holistic exercise regime, and to meet new people.  The classes have exceeded both my expectations.  The ladies in Julie’s classes are friendly and inclusive but more importantly is the benefit of practicing yoga with Julie.  She is a very accomplished instructor making sure she explains each move with clear direction, offering easy to harder options depending on ability, along with giving an understanding on how the body interacts during movements.  I’ve learnt a lot and enjoy every class.  Thank you Julie, you’ve been hugely instrumental in making the classes enjoyable, achievable and welcoming for a newbie."

Sally Hollis, 


"Initially I needed to move away from my working desk and socialise, so I took up yoga after work one night a week.   As a walker, I thought I was relatively flexible.  I had no idea how weak and inflexible some muscles had become over time, especially my arms and shoulders.  Almost one year on after doing yoga, I'm surprised with how far I have come.  My wrists, shoulders and arms are a lot stronger, my legs are more flexible.  As soon as I get to my mat in Julie's class, I feel a sense of calm   She keeps an eye on everyone. She makes sure everyone is okay in the poses, and helps you to go that extra bit further if you feel that is right for you - which sometimes can be more one week than the next.  She brings a sense of calm and acceptance to her classes that helps you relax and focus.  Not only have I learnt so much about my body, but my balance has improved and I can breathe more deeply while exercising.  Her passion for yoga is inspiring and I would recommend her classes to people of all levels."

Sharon Brodie


"I have been going to Yoga with Julie for a year now.  I am absolutely hooked on it!  Before going to these classes I didn't have much confidence in getting out of my comfort zone with my body.  Julie has patiently given this back to me. I'm overjoyed with how I have become more flexible and how I'm happy to try new things.  Julie has a winning way of teaching with discipline but fun.  Our group is completely non-judgmental and so supportive. I recommend Julie's classes to all." 

Chris Stevens




"I first started attending Julie’s yoga classes last year after a neighbour’s recommendation. With some trepidation, as I had never done yoga before, I was soon put at ease by Julie and the class’s friendly and open manner.

I've noticed I'm becoming more flexible, and believe my balance and coordination is improving since starting yoga. Julie’s expertise and professionalism is to the fore, but she has a good sense of humour which helps everyone feel at ease. I enjoy the camaraderie of the class and when time allows, we often go for coffee afterwards.

I would certainly recommend the classes to anyone thinking of taking up yoga."

Viv Thompson, 


"Having recently moved to Cromwell and taking a break from yoga for some time, I'm thoroughly enjoying Julie’s yoga classes. My body is feeling stronger and my balance has improved. I'm experiencing peace of mind, and happy to be meeting new people in a friendly environment."

June Brady,


"Julie’s classes have become an essential part of my life. They have helped me both mentally and physically at a time when I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed with the challenges of where I live. Her teaching style exudes kindness and caring and I leave her classes feeling taller, happier and so much more relaxed!"

Jo Leary,

Great Barrier Island



"My yoga practice with Julie gives me the holistic balance of self care that I need in life and for my work and probably more importantly, I enjoy it! I highly value the elasticity (or flexibility) of body, mind, spirit and emotions that I gain from this practice and flows into my way of being in this world. Julie's classes provide an oasis of calm and nurturing for me, quite simply, my place of bliss."

Cait Devey,

Great Barrier Island

"After experiencing Julie’s yoga, I feel enlivened, energized and at peace.  She elicits so many responses, in addition to educating me in so many areas, from philosophy to anatomy to beautiful music.

She always presents a thoughtful, organised session and I look forward to whatever she has to offer."

Dana Marsh

Great Barrier Island

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