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Myofascial Release Workshop

Date and venue : to be advised

Time : 2.00 - 4.00 pm


Feeling tension, pain and tightly wound? It's time for release! Join me as I show you ways to release and unravel tension in your body's tissues.

Myofascial release is a technique, using balls, to treat muscular pain and immobility. We'll be relaxing tension in the connective tissue that wraps around muscles and joints, as well as improving blood and lymphatic circulation. This technique helps to open areas in your body that are stuck or tense.

Session one will focus on the upper body - face, neck, shoulders, arms, front torso and the back.

Session two will focus on the lower body - feet, lower and upper legs, buttocks, side torso and the back

You can choose to experience one or both sessions. I offer special rates if you would like to repeat either session.

These workshops are open to anyone.  No prior yoga experience is needed.

COST : $40 for first session - includes balls (additional yin/yang balls available for purchase at $30).

            $30 for second session

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