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My story

I came to yoga later in life  (in my 40s) ~ and as cliched as it saved my life.

My husband and I decided to move from Australia to New Zealand (Aotearoa), in 2004 and ended up settling on Great Barrier Island, in the Hauraki Gulf. It was a chance to experience remote living. This was the perfect time to see what the hype surrounding yoga was all about, and attended a class taught by the local yoga teacher at the time. Linda's love of yoga was infectious.
Over the next 8 years my practice developed and Chris and I attended yoga retreats in Australia and Bali– was the only way I could get Chris to leave our island paradise!  With more practice, I was becoming curious about the deeper heart and meaning of yoga.
In 2012 my life changed forever ~ I lost my husband ~ Yoga became my lifeline.
November 2014 was another turning point…...I studied with Yoga Arts and gained my Level 1 Teacher Training qualification. The experience was transformational and awakening. My eyes were opening to a deeper level of yoga and the possibility of sharing this with others was exciting.
Returning to the island, I taught a number of classes for my teacher before deciding to  teach my own classes as Ebb and Flow Yoga. A little time later, also taking over Linda's classes when she decided to step away from teaching.

After 16 beautiful years living on Great Barrier Island, the time was right for a new focus.  I sold my home, jumped on a plane to Christchurch, hired a motorhome, and hit the road looking for my new home. Two months later I ended up putting an offer on a house in the deep Central Otago. Cromwell was my new home.  I knew no-one here, but it felt SO right.

I took a leap of faith into the unknown. It's scary, but worth it!

I'm back teaching and sharing my love of yoga.

Yoga story

There are many reasons why we come to yoga 

  • improve our physical appearance,

  • build strength,

  • increase flexibility

  • address a pain we're battling with.

It usually doesn't take long before we sense changes in our body and a new feeling of calm.​

Yoga teaches us many lessons ~ what we experience on the mat is carried with us through our day.

  • We connect with our breath as we move into, out of and hold poses. Making that connection with our breath off the mat teaches us to calmly deal with life's tricky situations.  

  • Knowing we can hold a pose while perhaps feeling discomfort, teaches us to be comfortable with discomfort.

  • We learn to be content even in moments of unease.

Yoga shines bright light on our darkness.

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