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The merry-go-round of thoughts, so many thoughts, the constant chatter….

Since I began house sitting I’ve been looking for yoga classes to attend. I love having the opportunity to experience different teachers and styles, and usually walk away with some little gem. As it turns out, the few yoga classes I’ve chosen to take while I’ve been off island have been taught by male teachers. I find the energy of their classes different to classes taught by yoginis, not better, just different.

I’ve enjoyed a couple of classes taught by a well known Perth yoga teacher that have been tailored to all levels of experience. His class last Saturday, for the most part, was based around a prop – a chair. Even though it wasn’t overly challenging physically for me, I settled into the practice. It wasn’t really obvious to me until we ended the session in viparita karani (legs up the wall) just how settled I’d become. His voice was very soothing, encouraging us to relax the head and scalp, soften our mind space and let go of thoughts. I literally began to feel a pain in my head, from all the congested thoughts vying for attention. My mind had been focused on the practice, now it wanted control again. But it was taking a lot of effort to stay attentive to these thoughts, requiring just too much energy… I just let go, free falling into quietness and space.

All too soon I was bought back to my mat, the studio and time….. This was not the first occasion I’ve found this quiet place, but each time I’m there, my equilibrium is restored.

Isn’t it draining when you get to the stage of thought overload? I certainly find it so. Especially when faced with moments of indecision, which seem to occur way too often. Oh those conflicting thoughts that just keep going around and around….it literally does my head in! I miss that my mate is not around to help me navigate through these times – a problem shared….. But, problems must be solved, decisions made, so, if I can quiet the thoughts, as on the mat, the solution I’m looking for usually reveals itself and I act on it, before I change my mind!

That’s why I love showing up on my mat, why it has become my sanctuary - knowing that my practice will usually take me to that peaceful place. And more and more I can find that place when I’m off the mat.

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