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4 little gems of inspiration from an unexpected source

I’ve become a firm believer in the saying “you are in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing”. I often repeat this phrase when I’m struggling with not being where I think I need or should be, when I’m running late for an appointment or when I’m forced to attend to something when I’d rather be mooching about doing nothing. It certainly has helped me accept moments of disquiet or knowing that my decision, however mundane or far-reaching, will actually be what I need for my well-being and personal growth.

So, last night I was on a plane and trying to decide which movie to watch….nothing appealed, until a recent Shirley MacLaine movie stood out – The Last Word. Ahhh yes, it was the perfect movie to fill in 2 hours. I was in the right place, at the right time, watching a movie with some powerful lessons I needed to be reminded of. Here are some of the gems she spoke :

You don’t make mistakes, mistakes make you. That does help to put a different spin on what I may have perceived to be a bad decision, when things haven’t gone as I had hoped or planned. Later, on reflection, with clarity, a lesson, big or small, will have been learnt. I now welcome my mistakes!

Taking risks is what life is all about. I think I have been a risk-taker for much of my adult life, probably thanks to embracing opportunities with Chris. It is much easier to walk hand-in-hand with another, meeting challenges as they come along. Doing it alone can be confronting, but ultimately empowering. I love feeling empowered, and accepting what is, just as it is.

Are you willing to take a risk to do something stupid, or are you willing to take a risk to do something right? It’s important to slow down and evaluate the risk, hopefully recognizing what is right or wrong, good or bad. I like to stop and breathe, to quiet the little voice, then I can listen to my gut feeling, my intuition….taking a risk to do something right. But if the risk I take turns out to be stupid, then that mistake makes me! Win-win…

Living with indecision, hesitation and fear….you’re not really alive. We need to be challenged to be our best selves. An aspect of yin yoga offers us the organ meridian concept to consider. On an emotional energetic level when our kidney energy is depleted or stagnant the main emotional flavor we feel is fear. Through our practice we can bring balance, enabling us then to tap into our innate wisdom. I know which I would rather feel…I try to meet indecision, hesitation and fear head on. Sometimes this makes me feel uncomfortable, but that is how I grow.

I recommend the movie! And I look forward to the movie I watch when I return home to Great Barrier Island (Aotea).

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