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2020, that’s a wrap.

Not so fast Julie, maybe a quick review of 2020 is needed.

So, 2020…

What a year we’ve had to endure.. Yes, it’s been difficult. We could not have predicted how the new year, the new decade, would unfold while we counted down the seconds as 2019 came to a close.

I was looking forward to the new year – my inspirational words for the year were FUN and ADVENTURE….and 2020 started perfectly with a wonderful inaugural Yoga and Tramping Retreat at Glenfern Sanctuary. And plans were underway for a long dreamed of trip to India.

However by March, here in New Zealand, we were forced into a new reality – suddenly our world became smaller. We found ourselves living in a bubble. We were in lockdown. We needed our yoga practice more than ever.

And a new reality was unfolding for me – my classes went online. What a huge learning curve. While it was wonderful to be able to deliver classes and stay connected with my yogi friends via this new medium, there was a level of personal worry and uncertainty, would the classes be as well received as in person classes? The classes felt more performative than instructional. But it was encouraging to receive comments such as this one: I just want to thank you for your dedication to your yogis and the time and hard work you put into presenting 5 classes a week on Zoom plus loading them to Facebook.I really appreciated and enjoyed being part of your circle while it lasted.” Thanks Pat for your support. I was grateful to be able to stay connected, but how wonderful it was to teach in person again!

As the year progressed I think many of us began to re-evaluate, take stock, re-prioritise. For me change was brewing. Big time change. As in a new chapter of life unfolding change. I sold my home. I am leaving my home of 16 years; the home that became my refuge and the community that supported me through my numbing grief over the last 8 years.

2020 has shown me I am ready to embrace change, to step out of my comfort zone and head off into the unknown. I’m ready to learn new lessons and face new fears by standing in my new-found, hard-earned inner strength built up over my life’s experiences so far.

Phew, thank you 2020 and hello 2021. My words for 2021 could well be FUN and ADVENTURE again, so I will keep them, but I’m adding TRUST and COURAGE.

How has 2020 been for you? Are you thinking about change? Have you also put plans in place for change? Big or small…doesn’t matter. Just embrace change with trust and courage. That’s how lessons are learnt, how growth happens. That’s why we are here in this body.

And what will your words be for 2021?

Best wishes and lots of love for a wonderful new year….and may it be filled with lots of yummy yoga!

Julie xo

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