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In search of a sweet spot....

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Sometimes we need to rest, take a break, find our new sweet spot. This started for me back in February 2021.

Re-reading my last blog from the end of 2020, I wrote 2020 has shown me I am ready to embrace change, to step out of my comfort zone and head off into the unknown. I’m ready to learn new lessons and face new fears by standing in my new-found, hard-earned inner strength built up over my life’s experiences, to this point. And that’s what I’ve been doing!

Change can numb. Change can feel wonderous. Change can make us feel like we’re falling. Change can make us realise there is so much to do, experience, pursue and time is running out! This is what I’ve been leaning into since February 2021. Actually, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

After travelling around the South Island in a motorhome for 6 weeks, I found my new home. It was time to rest, time to settle. Never once have I regretted my decision to move. Life was definitely flowing in a way that just felt right. Exploring my new, wider, neighbourhood-patch by car and on foot was fun. New friends were made. And surprisingly my mat remained rolled up.

But I began sitting on my meditation cushion again. Through a series of serendipitous conversations I found a meditation teacher close by. Her wisdom teachings have landed deeply.

And in the right time....I rolled out my mat. Ah yes, yoga does stir something within me. Moving with the breath, feeling my body opening, noticing the mind chatter quieting. The “rightness” of this time to reconnect with myself. This is why I love my yoga practice .

All of this has led me to my sweet spot ~ the sweet spot of my new home, new friends, nurturing my body, my mind and my spirit.

I had a deep need to connect with people again through yoga, and now have a wonderful, fun group of ladies, and one man, coming to classes in Cromwell. It feels good.

It feels like the right time to dip my toes into expanding my yoga business. I’ve just updated my yoga website and invite you to take a look I’d love you to join me in Cromwell for a class, or perhaps a one-on-one session. And in the future, for those of you further afield, one day you may travel to Central Otago and enjoy a yoga (and tramping) retreat with me.

I wonder what will unfold?

Are you in your sweet spot? Or perhaps your search continues....keep searching. If you need to...embrace change and get out of your comfort zone. You never know where you’ll end up!!

Julie xo

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