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Yang Yoga

Flowing, dynamic poses to create strength and stability in the body.


Yang ~ that which is bright and obvious, active, rhythmic, changing.

Yang-style yoga postures focus on our muscles – contracting and relaxing them. Blood flow is stimulated, our muscle tissue becomes more elastic. Flexibility is improved with repetitive and rhythmic stretching. Our bones respond when our muscles are exercised, by becoming thicker and stronger – so important to prevent osteoporosis.

We do, however, need to be mindful not to adopt an aggressive and competitive attitude when practicing this stronger style. It is easy to fall back into the patterns from our early years when we were always striving and comparing ourselves to others. The practice becomes powerful when we accept and respect our limitations each time we come to our mat. Focusing our attention on the breath as we move through our asanas helps us to stay mindful of what is happening in the body.

Yang is about changing the world, Yin accepts the world the way it is.

Gratitude to my teachers Linda Power, Lousia Sear, Lucy Roberts, Rose Baudin.

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