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Restorative Yoga


Long held, supported poses to create ease in the mind.


Slowing down can be challenging, when we are so used to always being ‘on’, racing here and there and taking care of everyone else, with never enough time to nurture ourselves. When we are on our yoga mat, we can drop our ‘to do list’.

Restorative Yoga, Great Barrier Island, Julie Stansfield, Ebb and Flow Yoga

The beauty of this practice is there is nothing to do…. just be. We use the breath to draw our focus inward, to calm the nervous system, to let go, to relax, to rejuvenate. This practice is gentle, but powerful… releasing deep layers of tension. We are supported by our props which allow us to feel safe and secure, so we can release and relax. We create a sense of ease within our hearts and minds, allowing our body to unwind and surrender.


Restorative yoga adds to our energy, rather than subtracting from it, nourishing us from within.

Inner peace and happiness….it is within.

Gratitude to my teachers Ana Davis, Star Despres, Tracy Whitton.

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