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Ebb and Flow Yoga Retreat
Rediscover the Joy for Life
Great Barrier Island, New Zealand
2019 Dates to be announced
Medlands Beach, Great Barrier Island, New Zealand

Are you ready to rediscover who you truly are?

I would love to share with you how yoga has helped me to not only survive, but to thrive.

Yoga is my passion

Yoga can help take you into your next phase…..with an open heart.

Call 09 4290 322 or contact me via the form at the bottom of this page to find out more about the journey I offer.

Now is the time to begin the hero’s/heroine’s journey -

as popularized by American mythology expert and philosopher Joseph Campbell. The hero/heroine myth narrative begins when you are called to an adventure (usually not of your own making). You cross the threshold into the unknown, facing challenges and temptations which lead you toward the abyss where your greatest fears dwell. You have choices -acknowledge those fears, or not; move beyond them, or not; to a place where new ways of being are reborn. Transformation takes place. The hero returns.


The seed of our “hero’s” potential is within – we just have to awaken it.


Are you ready to step out of the familiarity into the unknown, less predictable, beckoning future?

Let me tell you about my heroine’s journey –


My life changed forever in November 2012. My husband, soul mate, lover and best friend of 33 years passed away after a short, intense illness. Bloody cancer.


Grief, despair, a broken heart, anger, fear, uncertainty, guilt, vulnerability, aloneness all jockeyed for space in my body, mind and soul.


They were suffocating me.


The abyss has called me, tempted me, challenged me. BUT, it didn’t claim me.


Yoga has been my saviour. It has been deeply healing. It has brought a vibrancy back to me and my life.


My mat is where I can escape the worries and concerns for a time. It’s where I have learned to feel compassion and kindness for myself. It’s where I’ve felt freedom and joy again. And I carry it with me now off the mat.


Yoga – the physical practice of asana, connecting with the breath and sitting in stillness has allowed me to live with my loss - to survive and to thrive.

Join me -

and come together with others who also want to experience yoga on a beautiful island, and rediscover themselves.


I am deeply passionate about sharing the essence of yoga with you – my heart is filled with quiet contentment even in the midst of chaos, confusion and doubt.

This Retreat is for you if -


you want to have some time away to slow down and rediscover what lights you up, and want to reclaim what is rightfully yours....a joyful, satisfying life overflowing with love and purpose through the power of Yoga.


“Julie's classes have become an essential part of my life. They have helped me both mentally and physically at a time when I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed with the challenges of where I live.  Her teaching style exudes kindness and caring and I leave her classes feeling taller, happier and so much more relaxed!"

—  Jo Leary

You'll be staying -

at Great Barrier Lodge in Whangaparapara, on the western side of the island.  The Lodge boasts the most impressive view of all accommodation houses on the Barrier (I may be biased!), with expansive views overlooking Whangaparapara Harbour.  Whangaparapara is a jewel – peaceful and tranquil.  The secluded bay has a colourful history and the Lodge has many reminders of the areas marine and milling past.


Studio units offer twin share or single occupancy with uninterrupted harbour views.  Each room is well-appointed and has its own private en-suite.  There is a large dining area, communal areas to relax in with a good book, as well as outdoor areas with spectacular bush and harbour views.


There will be lots of opportunities to view the prolific birdlife – enjoy the capers of the kereru and kaka, and the melodic tunes of the tui.  There is a good chance the resident island dolphins will cruise around the bay, delighting all with their antics.  During your free time explore the harbour by kayak and stand-up paddleboard, or venture off into the bush to discover more hidden gems.

dolphin leap
hot springs2

Your day will look like this -

  • 7am – 9am meditation and pranayama, followed by our morning yoga asana designed to awaken and energize

  • 9am breakfast

  • Free time do something….or nothing. Consider a massage, walk along a beach or in the bush, soak in natural hot springs, read, journal or simply rest

  • 1pm lunch

  • Free time go for a swim, have a massage, enjoy art/craft therapy or simply rest

  • 4.30pm–6pm afternoon practice of yin or restorative yoga to relax and unwind

  • 6.30pm dinner

  • 7.30pm evening program or unwinding time

To express your interest and for further details, please call me on 09 4290 322 or use the contact form below to get in touch.

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