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"In the end, just three things matter:

How well we have lived.

How well we have loved.

How well we have learned to let go."

Jack Kornfield

ebb and flow   : a recurrent pattern of coming and going;

       : a rhythmic cycle of regrowth.

Everything in life ebbs and flows…..

Hi, my name is Julie. I know what it’s like when life’s circumstances change, sometimes when we least expect it. My life changed forever when I lost my husband. Feeling lost became my new reality. But there came a time when I knew that how I was living, coping and surviving needed to change.

Although I had been practising Yoga for a number of years, Yoga became my saviour.

Yoga became my lifeline ~ it has been deeply healing.

My yoga mat is where I’ve learned to feel compassion and kindness for myself; it’s where I can escape my worries and concerns for a time; it’s where I’ve felt freedom and joy again.


Do you want to reclaim what is rightfully yours ~ a joyful, abundant life overflowing with love and purpose?

As I’ve done, I invite you to experience your reawakening, with me in my special healing place, in the special healing space of Great Barrier Island, New Zealand. Join me for Yoga Classes, Workshops and Yoga Retreats. The choice is yours to rediscover Joy for Life.

It’s time to surrender to the ebb and flow of life

Julie Stansfield Yoga Retreats Great Barrier Island
Julie Stansfield Yoga Retreats Great Barrier Island
Julie Stansfield Yoga Retreats Great Barrier Island


“Julie's classes have become an essential part of my life. They have helped me both mentally and physically at a time when I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed with the challenges of where I live.  Her teaching style exudes kindness and caring and I leave her classes feeling taller, happier and so much more relaxed!"

—  Jo Leary

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